Wednesday, July 4, 2012


This ironwork is an actul piece of the Twin Towers,
permanently memorialized here in the Tri-Cities.
Hey Everyone!  Today when you're packing for the picnic, the boat or the backyard - throw in your sketching gear and draw something to capture the day.  Please, when the day is through, email them to me at (and post it/them here) and I'll gather them all up and pounce on the Tri-City Herald once more.  Your sketches are so much better than all those photos we take and not only do they bring back the memory of what everyone was doing, you remember the heat, the wind, the smell of the barbecue!  Let's FILL the blog today!!!

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  1. A great idea, Nancy. I love this piece you did at the 911 Memorial. Hope you don't mind, since you didn't really identify it, that I added a caption.