Saturday, July 7, 2012

Off to Santo Domingo

3rd International Urban Sketchers Symposium:  Santo Domingo, Domincan Republic 
Personal: I will be heading off to Seattle, Miami, Santo Domingo this coming Tuesday.  The symposium begins on Thursday and comes to a close on Saturday.  Both anxious and excited about the adventure, I just hope the hurricanes, earthquakes, blistering heat and humidity, and who knows what else don't become distractions to what appears to be a well-organized symposium. 

Symposium Schedule: There will be two-three hour workshops (each with eight options from colors, to composition, to decision-making in sketching), with scheduled times for drawing in between with about an hour and a half set aside for lunch.  My guess is the 120 or so folks registered to attend will be found drawing their lunches, and each other, all three days. 

By the way, Saturday, July 14th, is the 36th World Wide Sketchcrawl.  Maybe someone here locally can organize an outing?


  1. All of this sounds so fun, I will need to add these international events to my calendar and plan to attend. I didn't realize it was so soon - you leave just a day before I do to go to Utah - but will be back sooner. I hope you stay cool and have a GREAT GREAT time! Be sure and post your stuf (as if you need to be reminded...)

    1. I am so rev'd and ready! And, yeah, I'm already planning on going again next year, so it would be fun having someone else from the Tri-Cities there as well. Maybe even more than two... Don't know where it will be yet, gotta get this one down first. Safe travels to Utah!