Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Turk and Market, San Francisco"

"Turk Street, San Francisco"

After purchasing a new car for my wife, we decided to take it on a roadtrip to California.  First we drove to San Francisco (after an overnight in Weed), then down to San Jose where we met up with my friend, Ney Wang, who I met in Santo Domingo last July.  With Ney we joined Connie Rizzuto for the 37th World Wide Sketchcrawl in Los Gatos.

From there we drove to Lincoln and spent a few days with friends, Terry and Elaine Banderas.  Terry and I spent the next three days sketching his hometown Auburn, then the town of Napa and Napa Valley.

This sketch is "Turk Street" in San Francisco.  I love these city canyons with the tall buildings and perspective.  I captured the building outlines and general perspective in about 5 minuts then added the details and color later in the hotel room. 

To see the other sketches, click on the picture. 

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