Friday, October 5, 2012

"Kiona Winery: Red Mountain"

We drove back out to Red Mountain at 8am this morning to find a winery we have yet to sketch.  We had one in mind, but it turned out to be private property with a "do not enter" sign; so we found Kiona Winery.  Kiona was one of the first and one of the premier wineries in this region of the state. The folks working there were very cordial and invited us to come inside to use the facilities, and to view their galleries.   

Here are a few of the images captured:

L to R:  Jim Bumgarner, Dave Lapoynte, Jean Fu.  John Werner
joined us today, but wasn't available for the group shot.

Jean and Dave discussing the fine points of landscape sketching.

Dave at work in the sagebrush. 
These storage tanks out behind the winery caught my eye. 

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  1. Thinking I may have missed the last winery drawing of the year - AH!!!! Looks like a lot of fun and so glad to hear John and Jean joined in!