Sunday, October 7, 2012

"Kennewick's Sax Man"

The day was too beautiful to stay home and mow the lawn, so knowing that there are a few things down toward downtown Kennewick I've been wanting to draw, I headed that way this morning. 

This guy isn't one the things I had in mind.  He just happened to be there on the corner where he likes to hang out and I was able to find a good parking spot where I could draw in a clandestine fashion.

I think I'm a bit like him, I love to hear the echo affect he gets off the surrounding buildings.  I wonder if that is why he usually chooses this particular corner to work his wailin' sax?  I bet it is.  

Listening to him you often hear familiar tunes, but more often than not he's improvising and he's pretty good at it.

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