Sunday, October 7, 2012


This is the view from Rebekah's glass enclosed dining room over the Irish Sea.  It is a place you can sit 24/7 as they say.  Everywhere I turn around this place is a fabulous water drenched view of green and blue.  I suppose, later in the year, when the sun shines rarely and the days are short, it may get a bit gloomy, however - NOW? - fabulous!


  1. C’mere, I'm only feeling a wee-bit of the Wahoo I felt with Shaynie’s grand drawing but I can see you have a very talented family.
    Be careful, those Irish men will be after your lucky charms!

  2. Good to see you made it safely and are enjoying such gorgeous views. Keep on posting, we love to see where you are.

  3. I brought plenty of charms to give away!

    It is hard to stop and draw when you are with a group but I will continue to haul my little red backpack around with me. I brought a stack of cards with envelopes I had hoped to leave with my daughter but I'm a little nervous to touch them. I need to Jump In!!!