Sunday, March 22, 2015

Tennis Huddle, Snow Geese Gaggle and Apres Ski

The epitome of USTA Tennis at 7:30am in Richland,WA..  The Columbia Basin Racquet Club's 3.0 Women's Team was warming up to new age music before their very first competition.  So wonderfully exciting!  I was setting up the hospitality before the long weekend of match play and snuck in this huddle sketch.
 Not only was it Snow Geese Migration time at McNary Wildlife Refuge, but symbolic of friendships moving apart and just flights across the country away from each other.  Actually, I sketched this right after I finished with my tennis pro duties up above.  I just noticed that I marked the date down wrong.    Too much time and distance between friends.  While my friend, Jeannine was moving clear across to melting Buffalow, I was heading up north.....
Sneaking in a ski week and visit with my sister at Big White Ski Resort in British Columbia, Canada.  We were welcomed with 4" of fresh snow and blue skies for the first three days of skiing.  Up on the mountain, their ski village is so friendly and filled with fun sketching options.
Patti Kirch

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