Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This morning The Great Group met at the Columbia Center Mall
and drew around the Santa Claus area.
We did this last year as well (there was only Jim and I) and I remembered:
the area is HUGE and BUSY and CROWDED.
My drawing reflected that (and SILLY, I might add).

This first drawing was a warm up to keep me focused on ONE thing - a wrapped gift.

The last drawing - I was ready!  I started with the soldier's hat and went from there.  
Lots of detail and lots of steady as she goes round and round to the edges of the tree.
It made little sense until I painted it.

Again, Great Group - so fun!!!


  1. These are charming! I will try your tactic's next I went for the whole enchilada ;)

  2. Nicely focused. I like those "explosions" on the tree and how you balanced the whole thing with the teddy bear. Nice done!

  3. Enjoying the free style here. The grumpy teddy under the tree made me laugh.

  4. This finally made it sink in, sometimes less, is more. Great pictures!