Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I got my pallet from a great artist, Ovanes Berberian, when I signed up for his workshop.  He is the BEST colorist and the pallet has served me well over the years!  I purchased a plastic watercolor pallet holder (EMPTY!) and then bought these watercolors in tube form.  I squirt the empty squares full of paint in the order he lists them here and let them dry overnight.  This is SO much better than the little watercolor kits that have the paints already in them - some of the colors are yucky...

1.Titanium White
2.Yellow Ochre
3.Cadmium Yellow Light
4.Cadmium Yellow Medium
5.Cadmium Orange
6.Cadmium Red Light
7.Quinacridone Red (this it the bright red you liked, Dave)
8.Alizarin Crimson
9.Platinum Violet
10.Thalo Blue
11.Ultramarine Blue 
12.Thalo Green 
13.Green gold
14.Cadmium Green
15.Burnt Siena
16.Burnt Umber

17.Ivory or Mars Black

If there are colors you prefer over what is listed here - let me know!  Have Fun!


  1. Brilliant idea. I found some of the colors in my set "yucky" too. I found I could purchase some new 1/2 pans and replaced them with the ones I didn't like. I also have a larger "empty" set like yours. I like the size of yours much better along with your cute little antique water seems I have some new idea's to add to my Christmas list ;)

  2. Ok, so you have "cool" paints in your palette, but mine is messier.

  3. I'm off to get these colors because your paintings are so bright and lively, but I have a feeling it's not just the paint!

  4. Just to throw a wrench in things - I find, when we paint outside, I need more greens and have added a few to this pallet (you may notice I have an extra here). There are 2 I love - Yellow Green and Green Umber - but play with the 3 above and see what you're missing. Be careful not to get too many colors on your pallet, it'll just end up a painting party (and that is not a positive thing)!