Friday, December 27, 2013

One Veteran

"Veteran" sketch on grey toned paper, ©Laura Gable
Hi Friends. I finally accepted Jim's invitation to post on your blog. So I'm making my maiden entry here. This is the sketch I did of the Korean Veteran who was sharing coffee with his other veteran friend in the sunny coffee shop of the new Yokes's Fresh Market on Keene Road. Was that in November? It was an enjoyable time shared sketching and sharing art stories, art foibles and various joys & woes with my artist friends. I used my graphite pencils, on a Faber Casteel grey toned sketch tablet. The darker tones were added using a black china marker (grease pencil), and highlights were made with a white china-marker (my favorite tool). Some small strokes of colored pencils were added at the end to liven it with a touch of color. He really wasn't sleeping, tho the sketch does tend to have that somber quality. Enjoy;-)

I welcome your comments.
--Laura Gable


  1. Nice portrait sketch, Laura, and thanks for posting it here! You're welcome to join us anytime and bring lots of friends.

  2. I remember this guy! I think the use of light and shadow is GREAT and feel it is the most important thing about any drawing (well, maybe except flat out illustrations)! I love the touches of color too. We miss you and hope life is easy enough to join us again as you are a huge asset to the group!

  3. thanks for your kind words my friends. I have been telling many folks about your fun group, so hope they can join you (us) at some time soon. And yes I do hope to join up with you again soon. So perhaps as January moves into it's second week, I can find my way there to join you.