Wednesday, November 6, 2013


So if I make this GIGANTIC, will it show up?  

I found Dave seated at a table looking at this extremely difficult perspective study in the Kennewick Library and sat down to talk to him about it.  After a lot of discussion as to where to begin, I just borrowed his mechanical pencil (he IS an engineer) and drew this on a very rough piece of watercolor paper.  Not only do you have bookcases, you've got this pyramidal fireplace, chairs scatterer all over and dang if they didn't curve the couch on the left.  Whoa.  Mine is boring compared to their's but I kept it in the pencil.


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  2. (the comment removed above is me in this attempt to edit the following)
    I tried making it larger for you, but it was TOO large as it spread across the entire page. As I look at it, there still seems to be something causing that bench on the left to float above floor. I can't figure it out.