Thursday, October 3, 2013

"Wednesday Sketching II"

My rendition of the FedEx plane that Nancy so deftly sketched in the post below this one.  Not super-pleased with this, but hey, this blog isn't about quality so much as it is about just drawing and having some fun with other like-minded folks.  Nancy and I are committed to as many Wednesday mornings into the future as we can see, and then some. 

After lunch, I drove over to the Grand Opening for the new Yoke's grocery on Keene Road in Richland.  Of the two sketches I did there, this one is my favorite.  I found a nice comfortable chair in the luncheon area (where there is a fireplace that opens both inside and to the outside patio), and sketched out these folks shopping in the produce area.


  1. I LIKE your FedEx plane and you got to go to Yoke's after all. Man, drawing those bottles, all lined up so nicely - Time & Patience. I just really like how you are using color down the sides, it just makes the people all the more important, oddly enough.

  2. Replies
    1. Susanissima, before those violets were added I was tempted to toss this one. It was fun watching it develop.