Monday, November 12, 2012

"University of Washington Huskies vs the Utes of Utah"

So, the first thing on the page was the far goal post.  Oops. 
The University of Washington Huskies took on the Utes of Utah State at Century Link Field last Saturday.

My son-in-law invited me to join him and my two grandsons, so we drove the 4 hours it takes to get there and had a great time. The Huskies won 34 - 15 amid great cheering, shouting, and encouragement from the 60,050 fans who were there.

6x9 Aquabee Sketcbook, ink, watercolor


  1. Oops!? This looks great - so familiar...

  2. Thanks, Nancy. It was rather daunting in the beginning, there is so much there to leave out!

  3. Thanks, Lapoynte. Are you going out with us tomorrow? Saturday the 17th?