Friday, November 30, 2012


So Jim and I missed each other today at the mall but it looks like we both got some sketching in anyway!  I started by Barnes & Noble sketching the ATM machine and was kindly greeted by a security guard who asked me to check with the Mall Office before I started drawing - ESPECIALLY the ATM machine (maybe I was studying it closely to see how to get inside!).

After chatting with Barb, the manager of the mall and a friend in my Rotary club, she determined I was harmless and said go to it.  We just asked that we refrain from including any store names in our drawings as those are proprietary and she could get in trouble.

I wasn't particularly thinking of what was IN the ATM just that it stuck out below all that Christmas finery!


  1. Mall cops. Can't live with them, can't...well, on second thought. It's good that your friend decided you weren't a threat. Can you imagine the headline, "Local Rotarian Suspected of Plotting ATM Theft" with this sketch published with an article?

  2. THAT would have been worth it - just to get ONE sketch in the paper (tho I'd rather have chosen the sketch...).