Monday, November 19, 2012

Takin' over here...

This is the same Dalkey Island that sits outside my daughter's window in the Irish Sea.  I am working on skies but then you can't just work on the skies because what you do there then reflects (eh eh) on the ground colors as well and you have to work on those too.  Sometimes the colors in the sky are muted so the colors have to reflect that on the ground.  I darkened the ground colors and it all seemed to 'go' a lot better.


  1. Hey WAIT! I've got this evenly divided into 5 sections and the island is totally the same shape as the clouds above. This is a first class booboo and it looks so weird. DANG. I've painted this twice already...

  2. Ha ha - I guess I will keep commenting... I added more to the sky below the clouds just to make that section larger and not 5 definite stripes. Publishing these sure helps see the flaws!

  3. Hey Nanc, Post away, girl! I love these Ireland sketches you are posting! I think you did improve this one; but had you not said anything about it prior to the fix, I would never have noticed. I was going to enlarge this one, but it lost some resolution below and to the left of the castle. Probably shouldn't have done that if you scanned it, so I'm thinking maybe this is a photo of the original?