Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Columbia Park: The Old Lagoon

Every time I go here, I have to sit and let the nostalgia blanket over me. As a teenager in the mid-sixties, this was the "go-to" place in the summer, filled with teens from Pasco, Kennewick and Richland, Washington, swimming, sun-bathing, eating hot-dogs and ice cream, and drinking pop from the concession stand (which is still there, but boarded up). We called it the "Lagoon" - today it is the Fish Pond - so much for romanticism and excitement...

The road leading into the lagoon was a dirt-road filled with deep potholes. You had to be careful driving in, especially if you drove an old car like most of us did in those days. As the years rolled by the water was found to be polluted from the septic tanks up on the hill in the distance where I left out all the homes that line the ridge. And it was closed to us human forms for anything other than the relaxation one gets from the peacefulness (minus the road noise from the freeway).

So when I sit here, I see all the girls in their bikinis, the guys out on the floating dock in the middle jumping off the edges, the yelling, and the laughter, and all the old cars and hot rods that used to line the edges. Makes me wonder where they all went.

Gone are the Days.

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  1. This is really great, Jim! Swimming and diving were still allowed when I was in high school, probably only 10 years after you were here so this brings back some fun memories. It was "the" place to go during those hot summer months. Thanks for the memories!