Saturday, February 14, 2015

Active Lifestyles in the Tri Cities

 USTA Men's Tennis Competition this weekend, so I snuck a moment of the action at Columbia Basin Racquet Club, Richland Washington.  Fierce tennis is being played on all 6 indoor courts this weekend.   By day, I am a tennis professional, movement is an emphasis on court.  I need so much practice in sketching movement.
 At our latest outing, we were at the Hanford Reach Interpretive Center.  I opted to sketch Leslie, one of our Tri City US!
 This afternoon I took the opportunity to enjoy nature at the McNary Wildlife Refuge, Burbank, Washington.  There were plenty of high powered scopes on tripods promoting the beautiful birds of the Columbia Basin.
The snow geese are in abundance and restless resting before their continued northern migratory flight. I caught the snow geese in action, like swarming bees!

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