Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Four Approaches

I am here at Cannon Beach OR enjoying every single moment.  After an amazing weekend of the Cannon Beach Plein Air Festival I have been been doing a bit of sketching.  For some reason I kept fooling around with different approaches.  Probably matching my moods at the moment. 
Enjoying a leisurely lunch on a rainy day under cover at Sweet Basil's
pencil sketch w/watercolor
Sunny day at the beach looking north  =)
Micron pen w/watercolor
Relaxed evening watching the sunset and the shadows creep over the dunes looking south at Hay Stack.
2b pencil sketch
Hot day at the beach looking north
watercolor sketch

Hope to join you all next week!


  1. I love all four approaches Cindy! After I finish with my current sketchbook, I will make a journal with water color paper so I can attempt to sketch with different approaches too. You make it look so inviting!
    I cannot make this Friday but I can certainly make the next one.
    Patti Kirch

    1. Patti, We have nothing scheduled for this Friday. Last Friday we did. We will get together next Wednesday morning, place yet to be determined.

    2. Cindy, so you, like me, are a bit schizophrenic with your art, eh? These are nice.

    3. Thanks patti! Jim I think I get bored and have to try new that all this time I just called it artsy ;)