Wednesday, April 9, 2014

"Downtown Kennewick on the Ave"

The most enjoyable portion of my morning downtown Kennewick with the sketchers was sitting on a bench in the warmth of the sun "shootin'-the-breeze" with the others. While sitting there I decided I should at least get out my sketchbook and draw SomeThing. So I started with just the light feature across the street. That led me into the whole scene which, because of where it began, didn't allow for the street, cars, sidewalk and people at the bottom. Oh well, I worked on the perspective, then I worked on overworking it with color. 

Then I noticed the sunburn on my legs.

6x9 Super Aquabee Sketchbook, inks, watercolors


  1. I like this perspective - just cut off the darn street...

  2. Jim, I really like your lamp!
    Patti K