Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"View from Nancy's Looking South"

A journalistic sketch with labels and arrows, just for fun.  You can't see it in the sketch, but the river turns at the far end, disappearing behind trees and raised banks, to run eastward.  Miles east of here, it turns south again, then west where it heads through the majestic Columbia Gorge toward Portland and the Pacific Ocean.  Lewis and Clark visited here once.  In their journals they comment on how thick the river was with salmon.  Not so much anymore.

6x9 Super Aquabee Sketchbook, ink and watercolor


  1. A minute before your morning email was the last time I checked my messages. So instead of Urban sketching, I completed a small tapestry. Great view that you drew Jim, very informative too, especially since the Sandhill Cranes Tours and symposium is this weekend in Othello. Please let me know where we will meet in a week.
    Wish I was there today, Patti

  2. Wouldn't it have been great for Lewis & Clark to have YOU along? This is a terrific little sketch and all the information make it all the more fun!

  3. Just a great sketch. I see that you put my house in it too but you didn't label it. My house is the tan dot a little below
    Jim's house.