Wednesday, March 5, 2014

"Coffee, Bagels and Battelle"

LtoR:  Jim B, Patty G., Marianne S., Dave P., Jean F, and Patty K. 

After a few bagels and coffee at "Some Bagels & Gelato" this morning, we caravanned out to the "Battelle Northwest National Laboratory" where member Marianne works as bonafied scientist. Really!

She couldn't get us into the labs, but the lobby is apparently open to derelicts, homeless people, sketchers, lost people, and other visitors without clearance, so we fit right in.

As always we had a great time sketching and socializing.

While fairly boxlike in its architecture with simple single point perspective, there are plenty of details which can distract the most insincere sketcher.

After spending most of my time on the window fasteners below, and realizing everyone else was doing the whole lobby, the peer pressure took over and I decided to see if I could get one done in minutes.

This is it: bare bones and ghost people I added once I got home and had a look at it.

After sitting a while looking for inspiration, these window/glass fasteners, if that's what they are, caught my eye.

They are full of geometry, and after looking at them for a while I began to see the challenge of the perspectives and realized without respecting them, this would be a disaster.

You can see some of my planning lines (ink) on the sketch and after finishing it I continued on my sketchbook working with the perspectives here.  I see two-point, and there may be more....

We had a great time here this morning.


  1. Great commentary! And the sketches aren't bad either! LOL All kidding aside, they are exceptional as always. Thanks for sharing more of your story with me today. I'm sorry you had to go thru that.

  2. during the wee hours of darkness, those four legged bots come to life, calculated reorganization of their universe....