Friday, August 9, 2013

"My Day with the Spokane Sketchers"

I drove up to Spokane yesterday, August 8th, to meet up with Don Walls and his Spokane Sketchers.

We met at 10am in the Browns' Addition, an early upscale neighborhood in west Spokane, to sketch mansions, and other things. 

The weather was perfect, the coffee at the bistro where we met was hot and steamy, and the company of sketchers, about ten, couldn't have been more inviting and welcoming. 

This is mining millionaire, Patsy Clark's mansion. Built in 1897.  I challenged myself to put the line work down in 5 mins., and though I didn't really time myself, it was close.  Color added later.

To see the other two, click the caption link below the sketch.

I will definitely be returning to Spokane to join them again.  If you want to tag along, I'll drive and we'll have a great time.

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