Friday, August 2, 2013

A Corner at the Parkway,Richland

Went sketching with Nancy and Jim on Wednesday. I am very grateful that they explained the one vanishing point perspective to me. I think I finally understood the concept and knew how to approach a sketch afterward. While I struggled with an aching back that day, this was all I could do at the time, actually I did the coloring part later at home.  There are mistakes, but this is only the first try. I'll get better.


  1. I like all the different textures and you really did a good job on the ascending line along the bottom of the storefronts and going the opposite way on the planters - NICE!

  2. Nice work here, Jean. It is a great start. We will continue working with perspectives as they are a foundation to creating nice images.

  3. Thank you both, Nancy & Jim. When I colored it later at home, I realized I overlooked many details, such as how the walls meet with the ceiling, how the tiles on the wall following perspective lines, etc.. I will be able to observe better with this practice.