Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Art-in-the-Park at Howard Amon"

We met this morning at 10 am for the Art-in-the-Park sketchcrawl.  Four locals, Jean Fu, Yichien Cooper, Nancy Thurston, and Jim Bumgarner, attended.  Also welcomed were visitors, Robert Dodd, and his wife, Susan Chase-Foster, from Bellingham, WA.

It is always such an enjoyable event getting together to sketch and socialize with others who enjoy the same.   

At the Noon Share, our sketchbooks lying on the ground for viewing.

Our feet prove we were there with our drawings.

L to R:  Susan Dodd, Rober Dodd, Jean Fu, Emily Cooper,
Jim Bumgarner, Yichien Cooper, Nancy Thurston.


  1. MAN, this was a tough sketch day! So many people (MOVING people) and so many details - is was overwhelming. I found myself drawing really fast - just to catch up. I am thinking had I just taken one detail at a time, slowly, and built upon that one detail until I had a page full of details - voila!

    I love the idea of sketching big activities like this and definitely want to keep doing it - practice makes perfect... See everyone on Friday 9-1 in front of Allied Arts.

  2. I thought it was a great day: a true sketchcrawl in that we started at a specific time then met a couple hours later to share our drawings. And, what a treat to have Robert Dodd, and his wife, Susan, to join us. Now we know someone we can go sketching with next time we are in Bellingham!