Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hotel Courtyard in Collioure, France

First of all, I sure hope I'm spelling that town right...

Secondly, you will be excited to know that I have introduced 9 other 'painting' artists to Urban Sketching and they LOVE it!!!  It has been so fun watching everyone discover how fun pen and ink can be.

Thirdly, I have had so many opportunities to use my 'Sketching Journal' on this trip and so so much enjoy doing it!

This is my last drawing, before leaving Collioure, of the fabulous courtyard my room looked out onto and where we all sat and had breakfast - crepes, of course.

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  1. Great sketch, Nancy! And, 9 newbies! Wow...Hope you shared our blog with them. Hey, do you realize how close you are to Barcelona? The workshop kicks off there July 12th...'course I'll be in Frisco then...sure you don't want to join us down there?