Saturday, June 29, 2013

"Farmers' Market"

Stopped in at the local Farmers' Market in Richland yesterday.  The weather was perfect, but finding a good parking spot was difficult.  Good crowd, but not a lot of produce yet.  I was thinking about the wonderful Farmer's Market in Olympia and wondering why the city of Richland doesn't get creative and establish something a bit more permanent right here in this location: close the street, cover it but in a manner that it still has that 'outside' feel. Offer fresh flowers, fish and meat market, jellies, jams, coffees, veggies, etc.  I'm sure most readers here have been to some very nice markets.  It seems the TriCities is always lagging behind...oops, not complaining here.  Just pleasant and happy thoughts.   

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  1. This is cool Jim. Looks like you're just out and about drawing every day! I am feeling more normal now that I'm home for a couple days and hoping maybe we can go out to draw on Weds. around 10?