Saturday, May 11, 2013

"Meetings, Meetings and More Meetings"

My local school retirees association put on a pre-retirement workshop today for teachers thinking about retiring. There were just over 80 signed up, but due to there being no fees to attend and it being a beautiful day, we were about 16 people short. This is small sample of the crowd at the workshop.  They are listening to a presentation regarding Social Security. 

It's nice nowdays that I don't have so many meetings to attend.  There was a time in my career, early-on, when I thought those who "lucky" enough to attend meetings had more seniority and clout than I.  By the time my career closed in retirement, I had been to so many I was beginning to gag on them.  Not literally, of course, but "gag" is the best word to use here.... 



  1. I just really love all the detail you've put in this drawing - even down to the texture on the walls. Great stuff. Looks like you found something to keep you occupied in those meetings, eh eh.