Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Local Sketcher Organizes Event for July Sketchcrawl Event in the Bay Area"

Click the image to find an announcement that went global throughout the urban sketching community today when it was published on the "Urban Sketcher" main blog in, "'Round the World Sketching News."  This blog is followed closely by over 1,200 urban sketchers across the globe.  Jim Bumgarner is the organizer of the event.

Jim says he came up with the idea driving down one of the local streets and thinking about what he could do rather than go to Barcelona.  So, with the help of some of the sketchers he has met both in person, and online, the event has come together and will be held July 12 - 14 this summer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This event was designed for those folks who, like Jim, couldn't make it Barcelona this summer, but want to participate in the social event that urban sketching has become.  So far there are respondents from far and wide who have committed to being there.

A full day of marathon sketching is planned in San Francisco on the July 14th, day of the "40th World Wide Sketchcrawl," in the the city where Pixar artist, Enrico Casaros, came up with the idea.

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