Saturday, March 16, 2013

"3rd Saturday Sketchabout - March 2013"

Looking down one of the aisles in the library.
We met this morning at the Richland Public Library at 10am for a couple hours of sketching.  At noon we regrouped, shared our sketches, and had a very interesting conversation about our work. 

Afterwards we went to McKays Taphouse for a lunch, more sketching and conversation.  (The Italian sandwich I had at McKay's will not be the last.  It was wonderful!!)

I offer these images for viewing.

Nancy, Dave, Jay and Greg enjoying themselves at McKay's.

The noon sharing brought these sketches to the table.

Dave, Greg, Nancy, Jean, Jim and Jay.

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  1. This was such great fun - thanks so much Jim for arranging it! I wish we could see all the drawings posted here (hint hint)! I loved all the different views and vantage points and styles - great conversation afterwards, so helpful!