Wednesday, January 9, 2013

McGills - January 9

 Sketch-off Smetch-off - Jim's drawing of me is TERRIBLE.  This on the other hand, is a true likeness.

 ...and while I was at it - this is Dave.
 This is of 3 patrons of Magills.  The morning light was pretty bright coming in that window against the dark walls.  It looks pretty weird.
To counteract the weirdness - here are 2 other guys who came in for lunch.  Sometimes making sure each line is right BEFORE you draw it makes for a nice little drawing.

Next week we meet at my (Nancy's) house to work on printing our work out for sale - please join us!


  1. You're right, you made me look better than I am; but Dave's reminds of Alfred Hitchcock.

  2. Better than the one I did LAST week - not better than you really are. That would not be possible. Tee hee.

  3. Now I'm blushing alizarin crimson.

  4. Wow I didn' t know you were doing a drawing of me! Sneaky and thanks.
    The drawing of Jim is very good,- I love that loose style.