Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Conceptual Sketching for Mercer Wineries"


As Nancy reported in her post just below this, we met yesterday to discuss, brainstorm, sketch, plan, think and joke around with the idea of creating a wine label for a new variety of wine coming from Mercer Wineries in Prosser, WA. 

The concept was created from a discussion owner, Rob Mercer, and his field technician, John Derrick, had regarding Rob's Marine deployment to Iraq in 2008, and a close friend of John's who was killed when Flight 93 crashed into that Pennsylvania corn field.

They carved out a few more acres of land, named it, "Block 93," then they started talking about a wine label for the new wine once it is produced.  "Something with both an eagle and a plow to symbolize our country and our pride we have in it, agriculture, hope, promise . . . "

Our little group of sketcher decided to take on the challenge so here in this post, as well as Nancy's, and others that may appear here, you will find a representation of our early beginnings.

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