Saturday, September 3, 2011

"The Richland Farmers' Market"

In our area there are three Farmers' Markets, one in each of the Tri-Cities:  Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland. 

This past Friday we met at 9 am at the Richland Farmers' Market on the Parkway.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous: all blue sky and shirtsleeve temps.

This market has grown considerably this year.  We were there at opening, sketched and visited, had lunch at Cheese Louise, right there on the parkway, and departed when the vendors were taking down their tents:  the place was packed with people throughout!

We had six people today:  Dave, Jean, Jim, Nancy, Fred, and Patrick.  Super turn-out!

Thanks to Dave for this spectacular sketch!  Click on it find the others.

We're heading for Walla Walla next Friday.  Hope you can join us!!

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  1. Pretty cool. Glad you had a good sized group, and together you had great fun.
    We saw the neatest book at the art museum in San Francisco. An artist had drawn detailed sketches of coin operated laundromats in the area and compiled into a book. Sketches were wonderful, and the titles of the businesses were very funny ... "Lost Sock" "Tumble and Fold" plus more. Made me think of your group's sketches.