Saturday, September 24, 2011

"The Coffee Shop Collection"

Click the photo for more sketches
The "509 Urban Sketchers and Painters" began working on a collection of images designed to capture the flavor, aroma, and architectural styles of the many coffee shops here in the Tri-Cities (all puns intended) this last Saturday.

Members Greg, Dave and Jim started at the Big Bean Espresso on Clearwater, across the street from Winco (sorta); then moved onto "Wired 4 Coffee," another small rectangular building on Clearwater just west of the "GH Guesthouse" motel/hotel; and then on out to the end of Clearwater at "Nikki Jean's."

We're thinking we want to build on this collection, eventually having a record of everyone of these small locally owned coffee-drive-thrus in the tri-cities.


  1. Only one photo? MORE!!! (Please)

  2. I'm with her!! And are you planning many more outside events this year?