Thursday, October 1, 2015

"The Uptown Shopping Center"

Jim Bumgarner gave us a demonstration a while back on looking into a crowd of people and how to sketch it very fast.  he said all the heads would be on the same level and of course he is right again!

Never doubted him for a minute

Gail Roadhouse urban sketcher and full time artist.

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  1. He said all the heads would be a "fairly" straight line only if you are also standing. If you are sitting on a stool, the closer heads would be higher than those in the distance, and if you are on a ladder, those in the distance would be higher than those closer in. It's all perspective. Ever stand shoulder to a wall on a building made of bricks? Note how all the lines converge to a point in the distance that is parallel to your eyes. Get on a ladder, the point moves up, still parallel to your eyes; sit on a stool, it moves down, again, to your eye level. That's all.