Thursday, August 27, 2015

"Steptoe Street and Gage Boulevard"

Intersection of Stepto Street and Gage Boulevard in Kennewick, WA> 
I was sitting atop this incline, there is a bank behind me so I'm in their parking lot.  It's Tuesday evening, later than the sky here would indicate.  This intersection has caught my eye before, in fact, I think I've sketched it before from another angle.  I continue moving along using this quick-sketch approach trying to capture the energy and expressiveness of the scene.  I keep thinking, one of these days, my drawings will enter the next level.

6x9 Super Aquabee Sketchbook, Lamy Safari pen, Noodler's Lexington Gray ink, and watercolors


  1. I love this picture! The people at that Rite Aid would be amazed if you showed your transformation of their intersection. I drive through it for work every day, and never saw this in MY imagination. Well done. Is the group meeting today? I recently saw a poster about your group and I was going to come and see if I can still draw at all.

  2. Seriously, I wish it looked that nice when you were IN the intersection. Gage is most certainly better than say, this end of Canal, or Clearwater, but you made it look downright pretty!