Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fantastic scenery!!!

Mount Adams is the huge mountain from this backyard view in Trout Lake, Washington.  The Thunderbirds, a powerful women's tennis team from Hood River were about to seat for a delish barbecue on this expansive deck last weekend.  They did not know I was going to sketch them.  Directly behind the deck is a beautiful natural tall grass pasture and between this tennis team and Mt. Adams is a herd of cattle on the right and on the left, the dust cloud the cattle had kicked up while heading towards their barn.  Perhaps now they'll know that I had sketched them..... oh
patti kirch


  1. Just saw this Patti, what a fun time and sketch!

  2. Yes, I had an absolutely second to non power woman weekend! Thank you Cindy.
    Patti Kirch