Thursday, June 18, 2015

USPTA Wheel Chair and High Performance Tennis

USPTA (US Tennis Professional Association) Conference
Sorry Dave Eads, yes this is you, I really over emphasized the cantilever 25"- 27"wheels!!!!
Inside turns, Outside turns and Reverse Turns are some of the movements wheelchair tennis athletes must perform throughout a competitive tennis match.  The Hub is an important area of the backcourt that these athletes prepare and hit most balls from during singles and doubles play.
I am a USPTA tennis professional and have worked with wheelchair athletes and high performance tennis juniors.
Michael Calkins, a High Performance Tennis Coach and USPTA professional captivated the pros in his audience, I just sketched a few while note taking.  Continuing education is an important feature of our association, we meet annually and this year Stafford Hills Club, Portland hosted the conference.

Patti Kirch
Columbia Basin Racquet Club
and urban sketcher  : )

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