Wednesday, September 24, 2014

how to "PICKUP" urban sketchers 101

An assignment, I'm going to sketch…… no wait, "Red Pickup"  Attention getter for sure!
This is Jim Bumgarner's two week old Ford pickup.  Next Wednesday I will be in Moscow, Idaho at Jean Pierre and Yael's Tapestry Book Release presentation!!  On my to do list for today, I was suppose to sketch something that I can use for a small format tapestry study.  Dang,  Jim's truck got me good!! lol
Okay, back to tapestry…….  patti kirch


  1. Nice job on my "new" 1948 red Ford pick-up truck, Patti. I posted this on our FB page for you.

  2. Nice "new" 1948 red Ford pick-up truck Jim and thank you for posting pictures on Facebook, you rock!