Thursday, August 7, 2014

To Paint or Not to Paint

Fun morning at  Bookwalter with a great group of local art buddies!  Not sure if I have finished this.  To paint the birch tree or not?  I kind of like some of the painting pure white.  Some lavender or blue shadows might be nice.  I really liked the sketch and could have left it just in pen.


  1. How I saw this piece at the Blank Canvas event this evening was absolutely perfect, so keep it "just like that"!
    What a wonderful opportunity for the community to see the Urban Sketchers Tri Cities works all in one space. Thank you so much for opening your doors, setting up the show and being there, I appreciate all that you do. Patti K.

  2. Thank you Patti you are too sweet! Enjoy your wonderful vacation and post some pic's!

  3. I like it left white, Cindy. It stands out more and feels like it is close to the viewer. Wonderful sketch.