Sunday, September 15, 2013

The "Fiery Foods Festival"

After a three year hiatus, the Fiery Foods Festival returned to downtown Pasco this weekend. Three of our sketchers took the opportunity to head over and catch some of the action:  Ed David, Renae Favor, and Jim Bumgarner. 

Just about the only thing that some of us found "fiery" was the heat of the day.  There was only one small Mexican Food vendor and the line was way too long and the workers way too slow.  The local newspaper did mention two vendors: one was selling freshly roasted hot peppers from New Mexico, and the other a concoction of cucumbers, onions and jalapenos, grown in his garden in Kennewick. In previous Fiery Foods Festivals a much greater selection of Mexican foods were available. 

We were thereat the beginning of the scheduled 8 hour event (noon), so the crowd was a bit sparse and the bands way too far apart. The thing that caught our attention was the large two-story building on one of the corners and opposite it a shade tree to hide beneath. 

L to R:  Ed David, Renae Favor, Jim Bumgarner

Ed's fabulously Red corner building at the Fiery Foods Festival.

Jim's sketch of the same building showing the band stand a few people in the street.


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