Wednesday, April 3, 2013

"Osaka Teriyaki & Sushi Bar"

This morning Nancy and I met at her Osaka Teriyaki & Sushi Bar here in Kennewick.  Before the sketching began, we ordered a plate of sushi and some hot tea. 

Like any self-reliant urban sketcher, once the food was delivered to our table, we got out our sketchbooks and started drawing. 

Fortunately sushi doesn't come to the table hot, so we didn't have to worry about it getting cold. 
After the quick sketches, we pulled our chopsticks from their wrappers and started consuming this wonderful food.  It was as good as any I've had anywhere.  Mmmmmmmm.

My second sketch is of the two people sitting at the far table, beneath a large red, Japanese lantern.  At first drawing I wanted the lantern to be the focal point, so I made it larger than it really is.  Then as I got into the sketch and as Nancy offered a few pointers I began to realize the focal point should be the people at the table.

So after some lifting of the yellow color in the window, especially at the top, adding color to the wall and darkening it toward the bottom, and darkening the area below the table, and darkening the shadowed end of the benches they were sitting on, some of the focal point moves toward the people.  But I think most of it remains on that oversized lantern.

The bottom image is the plate as it was delivered to our table.  The sushi here is as good as you will get anywhere.  Certainly it is as good as any I have had anywhere, including the sushi I enjoyed in Japan a few years ago. 

Definately a place to return to!!   

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  1. I am so glad you took a photo of this plate - it's gorgeous (and even yummier than it looks). Thanks so much for sticking with this and letting me tell you everything that's wrong with your drawings. DANG. Why can't I just concentrate on the GOOD stuff, life would be so much more pleasant...

    Love the contrast in the top one and the red seats are great in the lower one - brown walls, perfect!