Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Sharehouse Coffee"


Went sketching this morning with D. Lapoynte at the new Sharehouse Coffee Shop on the intersection of Queensgate and Gage this morning.  The place is large and there was a fairly large group of people who came through while we were there - making people sketching good.  I did 4 or 5 quick sketches and this one won the lottery for entry onto the blog page.


1 comment:

  1. Missed you guys this morning! The light on the shoulders is great. It goes with the light on the heads and cups and hand as well. Now - the light on the FRONT of her blue jeans is coming from just the OPPOSITE direction... A little shadow from her feet and the legs of the chairs to the left will push the sun coming in that direction as well. Think, 'where is the sun'? Or not. I love her white foot and the dark bottom left side of the drawing and the bright light of the upper right side. You get me thinking...