Wednesday, December 12, 2012

"Warming Up with the Subordinate Hand"

Nathalie Ramierez made a suggestion last summer in Santo Domingo about a technique that will, "let you feel like what it feels like to be looser when you draw."  Since I struggled with "tightness" from when I first started doing art, I tried it. 

After returning home and posting more images, many contacts commented on how my art had changed since going to the symposium.  I felt it too. 

Here is a sketch I did a few days ago with my subordinate (left) hand:

And here is the one I did afterwards with my dominate (right) hand.  I still fight tightness, but I have learned that by ocassionally using my left it reminds my brain of what it feels like to be loose.  Here it is:


  1. COOL! A great exercise - but I always forget to do it!

    Is this Bella Italia in Kennewick?