Friday, November 4, 2011

Featured Artist: Cathy Gatland of Johannesburg, South Africa

We found sketch artist Cathy Gatland while browsing internet.  Her blog, titled, "A Sketch in Time - South African sketches, paintings, and doodles," is filled with terrific paintings and sketches all created with careful and loving hands.  In the introductory comments she explains the contents of her blog, "Sketching, watercolours, oil painting, sketch and travel journals, a hotchpotch of what's on my right brain right now." .

She belongs to the "Joburg Sketchers," a group of local artists that goes into the community and sketches everything from restarants, jacarand trees, sidealk cafes, booksales, churches, other people and children, and other sketchers, to the architectual features of the building populating Johannesburg. 

Last summer, Cathy, travled to Lisbon, Portugal, and served as an instructor for the "II International Urban Sketchers' Symposium.  "Whoever would have thought mere sketches would have brought me to such a place and time, with so many people with a shared passion, so excited to meet each other?"

We would love to go sketching with Cathy sometime, somewhere. 

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