Sunday, October 9, 2011

"Franklin County Courthouse"

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All last week we felt cooler air move in at night, watched the sky cloud over, and noticed we had rain a time or two, as autumn finally began showing its face. 

But this morning there were no clouds and by noon we were in the middle of an absolutely wonderful fall day with a low noon sun and great lighting.

We agreed to meet over at the Franklin County Courthouse for a sketching/painting session that proved more difficult than expected.

Next time you drive past the courthouse on 4th in Pasco, check out all the architectural features on the building. Deciding which to leave in and which to leave out was one of the challenges of this sucker, not to mention perspective and composition problems.

Thanks to Nancy, Fred and Jim for a fun-filled few hours.

Next Saturday: The 33rd World Wide Sketchcrawl.

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  1. Nice sketch with lovely colors of an interesting old court house. I would never had known it was there.