Saturday, May 28, 2011

Columbia Park Outing

We met in Columbia Park this morning at 10am under sunny skies and warm temperatures, in the parking lot near the sno-cone vendor. After some "art-talk" we laid out our plans and went right to work sketching the trees, the river, some of the people, and the sno-cone vendor.

What fun it is to meet up with people with common interests to share ideas, thoughts, and our work together.

Today it was Greg, Dave, Jan (from Connell), and Jim. Pat was with us for a while as he brought his oil painting from our outing at Lampson Yards a few months back so it can be hung with the others in the show at the "Phatty Caddy Coffee Lounge" next week.

Stay tuned for our June outings when, tentatively, we are planning trips to both Maryhill Museum and Walla Walla. Hope to see you then!

The image is Jan's lovely little sketch of one of the big tree clumps.

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