Sunday, April 17, 2011

"31st World-Wide Sketchcrawl" april 16th

We had a great time yesterday during the "31st World Wide SketchCrawl"!

We started off in Howard Amon park in Richland where the wind was blowing so hard we could hardly keep all our materials on the table, and basically sketched each other; then we moved up to the Park Way and sketched a bit more, had lunch at "Cheese Louise,"; then on to the Uptown where we went into a few antique malls and sketched some of the interesting items there.

At 3pm, as scheduled, we converged on the Spudnut Shop (sorry, we are all out of spudnuts), where we shared our work and took a few pics. Find this outing posted on the forums at the site, linked here.

And, by the way, if you missed the first one, you can see the drawings here.

Sketch by Lapoynte

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