Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Cannon Beach Storm Watch Tapestry Babes

Busy Tapestry Weaving during this weekend's storms and except for me, watching the cloudless sunset together.
Women from Kansas, South Dakota, California, Oregon and Washington, new friends with a common threads interest, together atop a bluff overlooking the thunderous surf of Cannon Beach.  The workshop's name "Cannon Beach Storm Watch".
 I used a Stephanie Bower technique, from a Good Bones WSU workshop, of first blue then red and lastly yellow for the faces, (she used it for windows), and that was fitting for the sunset glow!
Mark Taro Holmes mentioned something about 100 people sketches so here's my few in one lively bunch! Gwen, the one with short hair and red glasses knows Tina from Seattle, a small world.
I sketched unnoticed while the others were chasing the perfect setting sun cell phone pic.

2, 26, 2017 patti kirch

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